Dear friends,

Today is a really exciting day for the team at The Teaching Institute. If you’ve ever visited in the past…well…you shouldn’t have.

It was ugly. Really ugly. See?










Okay so that’s not an actual image of the old site, but it very well could have been. The truth is we tried to get a screengrab of the old site, but it broke the internet and is no longer available. So yeah.


Well today, we right that wrong. Today we’re launching the all-new


This will be your destination for all things related to The Teaching Institute, The Teaching Course, and The Podcasting Course, not to mention some really exciting things we’re not quite ready to reveal yet.


Over the next several months, you’ll also want to watch this space here. Not only will new courses be revealed and major announcements made, but you’ll also be greeted with some fun nuggets of meducational goodness like book reviews, app recommendations, instructional screencasts, and links to interesting #MedEd content from around the interwebs. If you’re using an RSS reader (and if you’re not, we’ll show you why you should be in a post here soon) here’s the RSS feed. We’ll also tweet out new posts on the official TTI Twitter account.


Thanks to you, dear reader and educator, for visiting and supporting us throughout the last 5 years. We literally could not have done this without you, and your enthusiasm and passion for education is what drives us to keep going. You live our motto every day – “Better Educators, Better Patient Care.” We thank you. Your students thank you. And your patients thank you.


But perhaps more than anything else, we want to thank our Director of Medical Education Technology for putting this new site together. He’s the single most handsome, smart, humble, and amazingly creative man to ever grace the face of this fine earth – Will Sanderson. He’s just so dreamy.

(Editor’s note: Stop editing the site, Sanderson)


Much love to you all. Reach out to us anytime and let us know what you think.


Your friends in educational goodness,

Rob, Salim, and the rest of the TTI crew




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